Prenatal Back Pain Treatment in Chicago

Roughly half of all pregnant woman report suffering from low back pain at some point during their pregnancy. Doctors agree that pregnancy related low back pain is often caused by a condition known as sacroiliac joint dysfunction. The sacroiliac joint is formed by the sacrum (tailbone) and the two iliac bones (hipbones). Large fluctuations of hormones occur during pregnancy, which relaxes the muscles, joints, and ligaments of the pregnant woman’s body. These hormones increase allowing the pelvis to open wide enough to permit the proper delivery of the baby. This relaxation, along with weight gain, postural changes, and stretching of abdominal musculature, disrupts the normal alignment of the spine and pelvis. This disruption stresses the joints, ligaments and muscles producing pain.

A Sample of Citations from Medical Journals on the Effectiveness of Chiropractic for Pregnancy Related Back Pain:

“73% of pregnant patients treated which chiropractic manipulation reported their improvement as either excellent or good. The mean patient-related improvement was 83.2%. Chiropractic manipulation appears to yield favourable outcomes in this patient population and appears to be a safe option for pregnancy related low back pain.” – Murphy, D., Hurwitz, E., McGovern, E. (2009). Outcome of pregnancy-related lumbopelvic pain treated according to a diagnosis-based decision rule: a prospective observational cohort study. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 32(8), 616-624.

“Results from 6 reviewed studies showed that chiropractic care is associated with improved outcomes in pregnancy-related low back pain. “ – Stuber, K., & Smith, D. (2008). Chiropractic treatment of pregnancy-related low back pain: a systematic review of the evidence. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 31(6), 447-454.

“Chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy result in easier pregnancies, decreased labor times and also quicken the mothers return to prepartum health. Studies have shown that women who received chiropractic care throughout their first pregnancy had 24% shorter labor times than the group who did not receive chiropractic care and multiparous women reported 39% shorter labor times. Also, 84% of women receiving chiropractic care during their pregnancy reported relief of low back pain. Pregnant women who have their sacroiliac joints adjusted during pregnancy have a far less chance of suffering from back labor than women who do not receive sacroiliac joint adjustments during pregnancy.” – Borggren, C.L.(2007) Pregnancy and Chiropractic: a narrative review of the literature. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine, 6. 70-74

“94.1% of cases (of pregnant women with lower back pain) studied demonstrated important improvement in lower back pain with no adverse effects. ” — Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation for Low Back Pain of Pregnancy, Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health. Jan-Feb 2006. Volume 51 (1): e&-e10 Lisi A.J.

“Chiropractic care can assist back pain through all trimesters of pregnancy.” – Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy” Midwifery Today with International Midwife. 1999. Winter (52): 16-17 Krantz, C.K.

You should be able to enjoy your pregnancy and not suffer from excessive pregnancy related pains. Dr. Lazarowich has been successful in relieving back pains associated with pregnancy. He focuses on spinal realignment as well as stretches and exercises which can be performed at home. Call us today and we’ll help make your pregnancy more comfortable.

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