New Patients

Your First Visit

The first step in solving your problem is figuring out what the problem is. You feel the symptoms and know how they are affecting you. So the first thing we do is listen. We’ll ask some questions and get a thorough history of your complaint.

After listening we follow up with an examination that has a few parts. To begin with your posture and range of motion will be evaluated. Then some gentle neurological and orthopedic tests will be used to further refine your diagnosis. If it is necessary follow-up imaging (X-Ray, MRI) or special tests will add needed information. This first visit is usually 30 minutes.

Your Treatment Plan

Each person is different. Likewise, every condition is different. With our focus on results based care we customize each treatment plan for every unique patient. Your treatment plan will incorporate both care in the office and “homework.” Care in the office may include spinal manipulations or adjustments, stretching, muscle work as well as modalities like muscle stimulation, ultrasound, heat and cold. You may also receive instruction in home stretches, exercises and ergonomics. This training helps speed up your recovery. If we are both working together the best results will be achieved. Each case is different, and the length of your treatment will depend on your problem. Length of treatment ranges from two to three visits for a mild, acute injury, to four to six weeks for a more serious condition.